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Data Science

We offer advanced analytics solutions using your company's relational and non-relational data. We ensure that the algorithms we build using R and Python languages are disseminated on on-Premise, Microsoft Azure and AWS platforms, and we support you in your end-to-end architectural installations.

Our Project Competencies;

  • Time series forecasting

  • Customer segmentation (clustering)

  • Product and campaign usage estimation (matrix factorization, deep learning)

  • Failure estimation (classification, decision tree)

  • Predictive maintenance

  • Calculation of customer lifetime value (customer lifetime value)

  • Anomaly detection

Address of Digital Transformation


We enrich our 20 years of experience in solving problems with advanced analytical technologies. We propose analytical solutions to the problems you experience; You can quickly contact our sales teams to determine what meaningful new values you can generate with your data or to get detailed information about our products.

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