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Today, the expectations of the customers, combined with the ever-increasing competitive conditions, push the institutions to develop more rational strategies. Companies that analyse customer needs well, develop services in line with these needs and succeed in increasing customer loyalty will undoubtedly provide a great competitive advantage.


CRM is a set of disciplines applied to serve customers at the highest level and to increase customer satisfaction and profitability. In order to achieve success in this journey, institutions need to take decisive steps in the transformation process that will continue. An experienced and competent solution partner is critical for the success of institutions in this journey.

As Smartiks, we have the competence to produce the most suitable solution for your organization's needs by combining the experience and knowledge we have gained in CRM projects that we have successfully completed in different sectors with Oracle CRM products. It is ready to make the corporate transformation process successful by working with you on setting customer expectations, analyzing processes, selecting the most suitable products for the project, and making technical arrangements, together with a team of expert and established consultants.

Our consulting solutions

  • Sales Force Automation

  • After Sales Service Automation

  • Marketing Management

  • Loyalty Management

  • Digital Content Management

  • Digital Service Solutions

  • Call Center Solutions

Knowledge and Experience

As Smartiks, we start our projects by getting to know you and your processes down to the smallest detail, by combining the experience we have gained from our past projects with the project terminology accepted in the industry. While making our plans, we are working to create turnkey solutions that will open your way, not restrict you, taking into account the development and potential of your company in the future.

We are ready to help you to improve your processes and systems by combining our experience gained in different sectors and projects with best practices in the industry.

Address of Digital Transformation


We enrich our 20 years of experience in solving problems with our CRM knowledge. Suggesting our CRM solutions to the problems you are experiencing; You can quickly contact our sales teams to determine what meaningful new values you can create with your needs or to get detailed information about our products.

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