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HR Solutions

We have experienced and are experiencing the necessity of managing Human Resources processes on platforms accessible to all stakeholders in the new normal. In this period, where our employees interact with each other through online platforms, recruitment, training and personnel processes are also managed through online platforms.


With the Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud solution, it offers a collaborative working platform for all stakeholders in the management of all processes from recruitment to retirement. With its many years of experience, Smartiks provides consultancy services for the digital transformation of your human resources processes.

It is ready to make the corporate transformation process successful by working with you on setting customer expectations, analyzing processes, selecting the most suitable products for the project, and making technical arrangements, together with a team of expert and established consultants.

Our Project Competencies;

  • Basic Human Resources

  • Talent management

  • Performance management

  • Training Processes

  • Recruitment

  • Benefits Management

  • Workforce Management

Address of Digital Transformation


We enrich our 20 years of experience in solving problems with our knowledge of HR products and structure. Suggesting our HR solutions to the problems you are experiencing; You can quickly contact our sales teams to determine what meaningful new values you can create with your needs or to get detailed information about our products.

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