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About Us

Smartiks was established in 2006 with the aim of producing effective business solutions by using high technology components, as well as providing software development and consultancy services with its expert staff.

Award-Winning and Quality Service

Smartiks acts with the vision of offering the most accurate solution as soon as possible. Smartiks, which provides services by always keeping efficiency and service quality at the forefront in its efforts to express its name with quality, constantly strengthens and develops its staff with the understanding that its most important resource is human.


Smartiks, which shapes its deep-rooted software traditions with a modern understanding according to today's technology and rapid production needs, has taken its place among the leading technology development companies in the sector in a short time.


Smartiks, which has successfully signed many national and international projects in the areas of Customer Relationship Management Systems, Business Intelligence, e-Commerce applications and Mobile applications, is also adding new products and services to its portfolio by anticipating the developing sectoral needs with its visionary approach.


Continuing to grow with the projects it has completed, each of which is shown as a reference in its sector, Smartiks has adopted the strategic business partnership as a principle by providing full support to its customers not only in terms of responding to needs, but also in terms of anticipating future innovations and new needs that will arise.

Smartiks, which has strengthened its expertise in advanced use of technology and consultancy in corporate solutions, with the products and solution partnerships it has developed since its establishment, provides a high level of customer satisfaction with its solutions and turns its knowledge into success.

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