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With the development of digital technologies, all sectors are going through a rapid change. In a changing and technology-focused world order, Smartiks' outsourcing services help organizations' expenditures to become scalable and ensure that technology processes are more efficient than ever before.

Our Project Competencies;

  • The knowledge and experience of Smartiks is extremely important not only in designing end-to-end solutions, but also in using and finding the right human resources. Expert technical and functional personnel for the needs of institutions in Technology roles are provided with the assurance of Smartiks.

  • Smartiks provides qualified personnel, which draw attention with their strong references, to the institutions to work within the determined timeframes. It helps organizations increase quality while reducing technology service costs.

  • Personnel, which can be provided for project-based or continuous work, also help to reduce the cost burden of rapidly growing staff and to scale needs. Within the scope of the agreement, the number of personnel who can serve the institution between certain days / hours can also be suggested by Smartiks, taking into account the operational requirements. Staff Recruitment service enables the institution to receive professional technology services on more favorable terms.

  • We are your strongest solution partner in your digital transformation with our R&D and nearly 80 domestic and international business partners from different fields of technology.

Address of Digital Transformation


We enrich our 20 years of experience in solving problems with our knowledge of finding competent resources. Suggesting our Outsourcing solutions to the problems you are experiencing; You can quickly contact our sales teams to determine what meaningful new values you can create with your needs or to get detailed information about our products.

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