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Analyzing Graphs

Analysis & Process Management

It is of great importance for companies to be able to analyze data with reports that are reliable, practically accessible and automatically generated with new data. Thanks to a reliable Business Intelligence and Reporting system, companies have the opportunity to stay ahead in today's competitive conditions. Company employees do not bother to prepare manual reports by collecting data from various sources; on the contrary, they find the opportunity to use their valuable time efficiently by making analyzes on ready-made reports.

Today, the most important way to make strategic management in the sector is to examine and analyze continuous data. For this, Business Intelligence solutions built on robust systems are the right tool.

Image by Isaac Smith

Another important issue for companies is internal customer satisfaction. For this, Performance Management and Bonus System solutions are currently being implemented by many institutions. Business Intelligence software is the most accurate solution for obtaining data from different sources that may affect this system, consolidating, melting in a single pot and producing logical outputs.


Applications developed with the right quality and technology provide great added value in companies where there are situations such as confidentiality, competitive advantage, and unique business processes.

Our Analysis Consultancy Service

  • Adhering to the NDA principles signed at the beginning of the project, we examine all the important data and data sources that you follow or want to follow, and start the needs analysis by listening to your needs, targets and deficiencies.

  • We do research on acronyms, terms and key KPIs used in the industry.

  • We recommend the most appropriate architectural solution by examining the data you follow/to follow in the data sources.

  • It examines the reports you currently follow in detail; We build the data model according to your add/remove requests.

  • We examine the problems in existing data sources such as data pollution, duplicate records, and data not being unique. We provide solutions with disciplines that will ensure data continuity.

  • We produce solutions for systematically transferring the data, which is currently tracked through excel, to the database environment.

  • If there are KPIs that have the same meaning but are calculated differently by different departments, we deduplicate them.

  • If company employees are required to make their own reports in the future, we prepare an appropriate self-service reporting environment. Thus, in the long run, we ensure that the same data source and individual calculations are used, regardless of who prepared the report.

  • We test data/environments/reports after development is complete.

  • We provide project plan and process follow-up services with the statuses we publish during the entire project process.

  • We provide maintenance and continuous improvement after the project.

After the analysis service, the following studies are carried out by the Business Intelligence Development teams within the framework of the rules determined in the analysis.
  • ETL & Data Integration

  • Data Warehousing

  • Business Analytics

  • Performance Management Systems (KPI & Scorecards)

  • Corporate Reporting Systems

  • Executive Reports (Dashboards, Cockpits)

  • Statistical Prediction and Modeling (Predictive Analysis)

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