Traditional systems rely on averages to assign work, resulting in static schedules unable to respond to change. Oracle Field Service Cloud collects time-based measure-ments about everything that happens in the field, and then uses these measurements to learn -and keep learning- how each individual does work. The solution predicts when a field event will happen and how long it will take, with 98 percent accuracy. When unexpected events occur -bad weather, flat tire, job complications, employee absence- Oracle Field Service Cloud predicts the resulting chain reaction, allowing you to address exceptions and take action to ensure customer satisfaction.

Each module in the Oracle Field Service Cloud solution uses the time-based, self-learning, and predictive engine to automate and optimize field service operations. You can choose the modules you need to help meet your business objectives.

Forecasting: Plan with confidence using accurate predictive tools.

Capacity: Ensure maximum utilization of available resources.

Routing: Get the right person to the right place at the right time by leveraging the fastest, most efficient automation engine to tailor the day for each field employee.

Core Manage: Manage field operations centrally with a real-time view of the field, improving visibility, on-time arrival and efficiency.

Mobility: Enable field employees with everything they need to succeed, delivered via a best-in-class, browser-based mobile app to any HTML5-compatible mobile device.

Smart Location: Monitor the real-time location of all field resources by viewing and comparing actual routes against predicted routes.

Collaboration: Contextually connect field employees for instant peer-to-peer communication, work independence, and knowledge sharing.

Customer Communication: Proactively inform customers, teams, and coworkers about the status of appointments with predictive job alerts across channels.