Risk is one of the main elements of the insurance and is among the reasons for the existence of the insurance. Today, the biggest problem in the field of insurance is the correct calculation of measurement of risk. Smartiks will develop a complex insurance application in fire insurance in the first place by integrating and using the business intelligence / data mining / boosting algorithms in the software program project which will be developed and it will be a flexible structure and will form a system structure that can be easily adapted to other insurance areas in the future.

The most important feature of the system is to ensure that the risk assessments in the "rigid" structure of the insurance evaluation forms currently used in insurance can be continuously reevaluated as risk data is realized using data mining methods.
Other important features of our project are the inclusion of flexible reporting by both users and system administrators and the analysis of fire risk through academics and the introduction of measures that can be taken against fire risk in the project area.
Through the literature review and other methods during the project, the most effective algorithms for risk measurement will be determined and included in the software. Currently Adaboost algorithm has already been detected but at least one more algorithm will be added to allow people to make choices in risk results.