Last week, between 9-10 May, our company was offered to the public through the primary market selling method. The first day of the stock market, 32 million of shares have been demanded to 12 million 450 thousand shares which was a spectecular entry. A gong ceremony was held at the Borsa İstanbul İstinye Campus for the public offering process. In the ceremony, accompanied by Borsa İstanbul Deputy General Managers Enes Ergun and Ali Ömürbek Verusa Chairman Mustafa Ünal, Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager Serkan Karahanoğlu, Board Member and Deputy General Manager Alper Utkan Şanda, Board Member Mehmet Tevfik Başkaya, Financial and Administrative Affairs Manager Süer Civelek played the 'start' gong together. All members of the Smartiks Software family watched the ceremony.